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Richard Ruhling, MD


Leading cause of death: Prescription Drugs

"The government is pushing medical care as healthcare, but the more prescriptions one takes, the worse one's health becomes", says Dr. Richard Ruhling, retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He became board-certified in internal medicine, but says drugs create illness due to Adverse Drug Reactions that make medical care a leading cause of death. Journal of AMA, 4-15-1998.
"Drug action always represents artificial interference with the natural functioning of the organism. In the widest sense of the word, every drug is by definition a poison, pharmacology and toxicology are one, and the art of medicine is to use these poisons beneficially." Drill's Textbook of Pharmacology in Medicine, Chapter 5: Intimate Study of Drug Action.

A Judeo-Christian Perspective:

When Christ was asked about the end of the world, He said to understand the book of Daniel. It begins with Daniel in captivity (military force or martial law that Christ implied was the sign in Matt 24:15). And in that setting, Daniel faced "Obamacare"--it was the king's "healthcare" with his meat and wine.

Daniel purposed not to defile himself. Similarly, Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman showed concern that "the narrowness of the existing exemption infringes on the rights of individuals whose sincerely held religious beliefs would cause them to object to medical health care that would be required under the law." This is a time for Jews and Christians everywhere to stand up and be counted for an exemption.

Three Reasons Why We Should Seek Exemption from Obamacare (as Daniel did.)

1. Obamacare is medical care that has high risk of illness, disability and death from drugs as seen at (medical references and videos by experts)

2. Obamacare comes with a National ID Card. This infringes on our privacy. They will know who we are, where we are, how much money we have in the bank and how to take it--page 58 of the plan.

3. Destiny. Of 4600 captives taken to Babylon (Jer 52:30), they all became nobody's and lost their identity while Daniel and his three friends who protested, became great godly men. .

This is a biblical perspective on impending changes in America. For more information, visit Wake Up America For The End to download a thank you for considering this information and sharing it with those who may be interested.

Richard Ruhling, MD.

Brother Gregory interviews Richard Ruhling

Listen to Brother Gregory's interview with Dr. Richard Ruhling.

Further Information

Read more from Dr. Ruhling at his website on prescription drugs, for information on heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes please visit his other site or for information on cancer please visit his blog. He also has Ebooks, PDF's, and Podcasts available for download.

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