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Employ vs Enslave, SS Video Series 7-10 7:28

Corvée, or statute labour, is unpaid labour imposed by the state on certain classes of people for the performance of work on public projects. The obligation of corvée work by tenants or residents on private landed estates has been widespread throughout history. The corvée was the earliest and most extensive form of taxation, which can be traced back to the beginning of civilization.[1] The Israelite people were in a Corvee system used by Egyptians.

The move to a monetary economy and modern federal employee identification instead of moving to a work camp of government workers all workers work at their regular job but the funds that would have been paid to the laborer are diverted by federal employers.

In this way everyone works without pay for a period of time and there pay goes to pay for government services. But because the government pays for services with borrowed funds the worker is actually working merely to pay the interest on loans from bankers or bankers bankers. In this way the modern tax system more closely resembles the corvee systems of unpaid labor imposed by the state on classes in society.

Because the source of the loans to create the monetary system and therefore the debts of whole nations the interest paid by the labor of individual registered workers is actually used to increase private estates.

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Employ vs Enslave, SS Video Series 7-10 7:28

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