Corban of Christ

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Corban of Christ

The Church established by Jesus Christ freely provided a Daily ministration through a voluntary Network charity as He commanded. The Corban of the Pharisees was the result of a government-run welfare system of free bread set up by Herod the Great which was a "snare" according to Paul and forbidden by the prophets.
That system of forced offerings through taxation was making the word of God to none effect. The repentant souls who got the Baptism of Christ at Pentecost were "put out" of that socialist welfare system of benefits from men like Herod and Caesar who said they were Benefactors of the World but were also the Fathers of the earth.

What was this new Corban of the Pharisees really all about?

An essential complaint about the Pharisees by Jesus was also at the core of the Christian conflict with Rome. The Roman welfare system of Qorban like the Corban of the Pharisees had changed from its early days of the Roman and Israelite republics. These governments evolved into Socialist States which forced contributions of the people through taxation like in the days of Egypt. That dependence upon men who called themselves but who exercised authority one over the other was contrary to the instructions of Christ and brought with it corruption and despotism.

Jesus said if the Pharisees really knew Moses they would have known him.[1] Do Modern Christians know Jesus or are they under a strong delusion.[2] Jesus warned that many people would think they believed and served Christ but they actually were workers of iniquity.[3]

Do we understand who and what Jesus was telling them or have we become workers of iniquity too?

The Hebrew word qorban ןברק in the Old Testament and is translated offering 68, oblation 12, offered 1, sacrifice 1. It is defined by some to mean "offering, oblation". Corban of Christ is your charitable offering to provide the Daily ministration of the needy within the Congregations of the people who seek to follow Christ. The Hebrew word qarab ברק which as a verb is defined "to come near, approach, enter into, draw near or cause to draw near".

This same word is translated as offer 95 times, but as (come, draw, … ) near 58, bring 58, (come, draw, … ) nigh 18, come 12, approach 10, at hand 4, presented 2, and another 13 other ways, appearing some 280 times. This same letter combination appears another 250 times and is translate many different ways like "midst, among, inner part, middle.

These many different ways is how the Pharisees and others deceived the people to go astray from the purposes of God.

Sacrifice or your Freewill offerings in charity had a purpose. It was an expresion of your Faith in The Way of Christ and the Father.

Every successful society has instituted some method of taking care of the elderly, indigent and needy within their society. This was called the daily ministration [4] in the New Testament but also Pure Religion and was part of the works of the Temples of all nations.

The word ministration in the Greek is from diakonia διακονία and is translated ministry 16 times, ministration 6, ministering 3, along with 9 other ways. It is defined as "service, ministering, esp. of those who execute the commands of others" and is said to be "the office of the deacon in the church" or even "the service of those who prepare and present food".

It is from the Greek noun diakonos διάκονος which is translated minister 20 times, servant 8, deacon only 3 times. It is defined as "one who executes the commands of another, esp. of a master, a servant, attendant, minister".

So in the first century and for centuries to follow the Church was to feed His sheep by actually providing bread and other foods for the needy which was the Corbanus of Christ. The Church was composed of benefactors who provided actual service through a Network of ministers for the needy through Freewill offerings. These offerings of Charity was the Corban of Christ given out of love for one another.

Modern Christians get their benefits from men who call themselves benefactors but who exercise authority one over the other instead of by charity and the perfect law of liberty. What they are doing in their state churches today looks nothing like what the early Church established by Christ did nor is it doing what Christ said to do. Yet they imagine they are believers and pay ministers great sums of money to support that delusion with False religion. They say but do not do as Christ said.

Their actual Corban is through the favor or grace of the state which weakens the people and entangles them again in the elements of the world.

Those men called benefactors can exercise authority over all those who seek their benefits and because those benefits are provided at the expense of their neighbor by the force and power of the state to desire those benefits is called covetousness.

John the Baptist and his baptism, Jesus teaching on love and commandments, Peters warning about Covetous Practices making us merchandise and Paul's constant proclaiming of the importance of Charity are testimony of the the Gospel and the need to create a Network through the Corban of Christ.

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  2. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
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