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Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus and the early Church appointed by the Christ advocated a Daily ministration that was dependent on Charity and a network of servant ministers working in groups of tens only and it was not like the system of Corban of the Pharisees and Rome.

Jesus said he would appoint a kingdom, which was a form of government to His apostles and we see him do just that in Luke 22:29. He also ordered them to not be like the other governments of the world who exercised authority over the people to provide benefits.

From the book The Free Church Report

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An Appointment Ex Officio

To Appoint and Ordain the kingdom and the Church

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The Free Church Report


The Free Church Report presents a unique path for the modern Church according the nature of the first century Church by explaining the duty and purposes of that institution appointed by Christ. While Rome declined under runaway inflation, corrupt government, martial law, and endless threats of war the Christians found an alternative to the men who “called themselves benefactors but exercised authority one over the other”. The early Christian knew rights and responsibilities were indivisible. They sought the right to be ruled by God by taking back their responsibility, through the service of “called out” ministers who lived in the world, but not of it. Their government benefits came through a divine network instituted in their hearts and minds by faith, hope, and charity under the perfect law of liberty as their Qorban and the unrighteous mammon failed the Roman society. Order