Abraham V

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Abraham V
Los Angeles, California

Abraham is a Personal Contact Minister in California

Contact Information

Mobile phone #: [323]770 eight2eight5

E-mail Adress: avrjuniors at gmail dot com

About Abraham

Abraham was born in Mexico. Abraham made his way to the United States of America in 1998 when he was 11 years old and has lived in Los Angeles, CA ever since. Abraham grew up in a conventional Christian family and always questioned the practicality and purpose of the modern Church and what the Modern Christians were really doing.

Abraham found out about HHC by questioning the nature of the World and under which spirit it operates. He also found out more about the truth by seeking and praying to the LORD for an answer and revelation. His path to seeking the Kingdom of God involved both the political and religious aspects of governments and kingdoms.

He has found out that a viable living network and a community of congregations and ministers operating in the Creator's spirit is a crucial part to helping build HIS Kingdom at Hand. It is for this reason that Abraham has volunteered to be a Minister of Recorded Elders (MoRE) by serving as the entrusted officer for His Church at The Angels.